Monday, February 13, 2006

Day after day after...........

I remember this day during my junior college, when one of my female friends was at the mobile throughout our bus journey from home to college (not that it was an unusual day) receiving and sending congratulatory messages to her friends. On asking her about what was the matter, she quipped, "What? you dont know? Its 'Friendship Day' today."
"Which world are you living in?" she questioned with a mix of surprise and belittling expression on her face as though I were naked and had forgotten to wear my clothes. For a girl like me, who is as bad as her amnesiac grandma when it comes to remembering dates, for one who always receives abuses (the mother/sister variety) from friends for not wishing them on their birthdays, this day obviously came as just another day, like it was no big deal! My friend then came upto me, held my hand almost aggressively and tied a yellow ribbon around my wrist. Then, she hugged and kissed me as though I was being sent to some sort of asylum the very next minute and she would never see me again in her life. Reminded me of those mother-son judaai scenes in Hindi films - the mother ties the taavis (sacred thread) around the wrist as her son leaves for a 'mission impossible'.......jeez, I meander....................

Reaching college she wished a few others & said, "chal, I gotta go, will be back by noon, the others are waiting for you in the canteen."
"Where to?"
"Don’t you get it, duh! To meet 'him', obviously!"
I was puzzled. "But a few months ago you celebrated Valentine's Day and last week it was Rose Day........"
"Yes, but that was different. And so what? Friendship day is the most essential of all days” she began to explain. "Friendship is the foundation to all relationships......blah.....blah" (I do not really know what those blahs stand for, coz I could bear no more of the sermon, and had started heading towards the canteen) As expected, everyone in the college was out on the prowl like maniacs signing on each other's hands, faces, T-shirts, tying ribbons, bands.........

The 'day after day' factor has become a regular phenomenon with the youth today and honestly, I HATE IT. No! No! I am not a Bal Thakarey enthusiast nor am I against socializing, but I just don’t see any sense behind celebrating these so-called 'days' of the year. Does feelings towards friends, lovers, near and dear ones HAVE to be expressed this way? Do we HAVE to have a day for each and everything? If your answer is a NO, then do not read further. If otherwise, please read on........coz here is where I let you taste the idea of having a well- structured potential schedule of THE 'days of the world.'

Some retrospection reveals that.............
These days the year is full of Days — Mother's Day, Father's Day, Parents' Day, Women's Day, Labour Day, Children's Day, Maritime Day, Meteorological Day. Practically every dog seems to have his own day. Navy Day, Air Force Day, Armed Forces Day, and then every national and international body comes out with its own days. For the last so many days, I have been wondering about these Days.

(I know that after publishing the rest of this post, when I leave home today to buy grocery from the neighboring kiraana, I am going to be Physically assaulted by some fanatics out there or they might just break into my home and smash my PC to pieces. Neways...... )

Is there a National or International body to regulate these days? If not, it is high time we had one. I sincerely want the compassionate super-nations to come out with an All-world Board for Control of Days (ABCD, for short). The Board should take up the gigantic tasks of settling the claims and counter-claims of so many Daydreaming sections. Otherwise, some people would like us to celebrate a particular day as Marriage Day whereas the same day would be Divorce Day for others. The Board must ensure that such conflicting claims are resolved before they become serious problems. And when ABCD comes into being, it should consider inclusion of the following in its list: Brother's Day, Sister's Day (already celebrated in India, but to be internationalized), Uncle's Day, Maternal Uncle's Day, Wife's Day, Husband's Day, Ex-wife's Day, Ex-husband's Day, Ex-lover's Day, Neighbour's Wife's Day, My pet-dog's day, Your pet-dog’s day, In-laws' Day, Out-laws' Day, Enemy's Day......... They must not forget to have an Old Year's Day, since we have a New Year's Day.
Soon a day will come when we will have no more days to celebrate Days. And what a day that will be!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hamaar Bihar mein ek kahaavat hai, "Jo janam se bewakoof hai woh kismat ka khel hai, par jo baad mein bewakoof bane usi se mera male hai" (Hindi waala male)
Kuch yaad aaya??? Nahi??? Hum hi toh oo daaku Khadak Singh hai, jo tumka udaa lai jaa sakte the, paathshaala se!! Par hamaar ghodi ne dhokha de diya. Arre jaraa socho socho, haan ab yaad aaya!

Toh Kaaho Bahuria? Kaisan ho? Chakith hui gawaa humka yahaan dekhke? Hum hamari 'Rampyaari' ka blog, kuch bakat se padath aa rahe hain, Bus abhi time mila kuch likhne ka. Tu toh badii achi angrejee likhti hai re!!...kaa baat hai!! Kabhi hamaar baare mein bhi kuch likh diya karo....
Par aaj jaake hum ka maalum lagaa ke ee sasura ABCD ka sahi matlab kya hota hai....
Aur 'Rajrani'tu oo sasuri pearl-wa ke saath 'ashleel philmein' dekha karti thi, aur humse ee baat chupaayei rakhi??
Tumka kya lagaa, humka kabhi maalum nahi padega? Hamaar aadmi sab tarah faile hue hai. oo sasura Dhananjay-wa bhi humra aadmi hai, ee baat yaad rakhna ki hamaar najron se tumri koi bhi baat chup nahi sakti
Acha chalo maaf kiya....aage se aisi galti hone naa paaye

(ps: Dhananjay, if u r reading this, I just happen to be surya's friend, had read ur peter north post, good one! wanted to pull surya's leg, so just brought u into the situation implusively, dont mind dude!! Anyway, u can join my daaku gang someday if you so wish to)

9:48 PM  
Blogger aShWiN said...

good post...
can v 've some more days like...
'Hit UR Boss Day', 'Kill UR Neighbours Day', or even a 'Revenge Day' will do...
atleast I can lay my hands on ninnies who celebrate these stupid days...

10:21 PM  
Anonymous JK said...

Good post.... ABCD - hmmm not a bad idea... anyway..HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

6:25 AM  
Blogger Surya Ragunaathan said...

@ Anonymous - Kaisan ho varun bhaiyya? Aur tuhaar 'Phuljaniya' kaisi hai?? khair chodo, ooo janamjali se toh hamri chatthis ka aankhdaa tha. Humka tanik ee samjhaye diyo k idhar ko kaise pohenche? Humaoo tohaar dost-wa se mili thi, ooo sasura kaa naam hai? - "naam liyo toh sasuri jeeb tedi ho jaaye." Aur oo pearl-wa ki baat toh hum baad mein karenge
(ps: Teri m** ki! stop calling me rajrani and rampyari, wait till i get u this time, dog!!)

@ Win - Thanks dude! Oh, yeah! you can send in ur recommendations for days to the ABCD, am sure they'll b more than happy to introduce those

@ JK - thanks!! and Happy valentine's day to u too, whatever!!

10:51 PM  
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