Monday, December 19, 2005


The following are chosen traits of men(no generalization unless specifically mentioned) that irritates me and perhaps all womenfolk of this world. The complete write-up is based on personal observations and is designed to the best of my knowledge. In direct speech for the female readers......

Men who are always in a hurry - Consider your dad, brother, husband, son, etc. who is either working or is a student and who has to leave for his destination say at about 8.30 every morning. His eyes would open to see the morning light (given the deep slumber) at around 7.30. He would laze around bearing in mind that there's still an hooooooooooour to go, finish ablutions at a snail’s pace, read through every line of the newspaper as though he has all the time in the world. When one or the other member of the family contemplates to go for a bath, that’s when he would realize that its 8am already. Curtain raisers of the real drama....A quarrel breaks out between him and the other and everyone else in the family. Obviously, he manages to bag the bathroom first. After the bath, the 'searching saga' begins (generalization here). They would search for everything right from their underpants to their briefcase/bag (given the fact that men never keep anything in its assigned place.) In the process, the house is made a mess, all others (especially the women folk) are expected to leave their own work and are made part of the 'search team'.....breakfast/coffee is left half eaten. Some obliging men might just gulp it (the breakfast) down through their jaws, pump it right through the esophagus until they completely choke in the stomach.....In the midst of all the hustle-bustle, some fuming looks at you as though you were responsible for their present plight....One common feature are verbal outbursts like, "nobody in this damn world understands that I have to reach office in time....there is no co-operation at all...." Some extreme lines could be, "I am born into the most disgusting family....what if I lose my job due my regular late attendance?....blah....blah...."

Men who make small talks - Consider this guy in your school/college/workplace who likes a girl, like he flips for her at the first sight and wants to know more about her. After doing some initial research work about the girl's background etc, (which I feel is good to do) he would indulge into really petty/small talks. Suppose he meets this girl at a common friend's place, or at a party. Instead of making some sensible moves at her (like complimenting her or throwing some suggestive statements), he would try all the stunts, which are like the done-to-death debris in the world. “So what are your hobbies? How do you know so n so?" (referring to the common friend) With these questions and many more, the conversation is sure to be a verrry boring one and the dame obviously doesn’t find him interesting (even if he is, otherwise). I mean I fail to understand one thing about you guys. You have been like dying to get a chance to meet her and now when your stars have been good to you and you are also introduced to her free of cost, all you do is stare, stammer and end up making small talks. I mean what in the world abstains you guys from asking her out or asking her to dance/dine with you or from displaying your Great sense of humour (which most of you are good at). At least you are expected to strike up an interesting conversation.

Men who are basically Chauvinists but try to 'make believe' they are not - This is an instance from my personal life. It’s about this guy whom I am acquainted to for quite some time now. In the midst of a conversation, he starts to tease me about some ‘dumb act’ of mine. I just retort with a "fuck you"and giggle at myself for having done the dumb act. His reaction - nose goes pink in the middle, followed by statements like, "hello! Do u remember you are a girl?....what did you just say?....abusing doesn't look good on a girl.....blah...blah." Some guys even begin to sermonize about 'Indian culture', etc. Wonder what happens to these preachers when they themselves abuse in all possible languages/dialects, watch porn movies, etc. And when I defend myself to say, “I just abused, I didn’t mean it, why are acting like a chauvinist?” his reply sucks further, “Am not being a chauvinist, am saying coz I care for you, people wont like it if they know you abuse.” Why do you guys always want to hear girls mouthing sweetly, sugarcoated words? What tickles your ass if your female friend watches a porn movie? Unable to digest this guy's reaction the only two words that came to my mind were, "FUCK OFF!"(Yet again.....)

Men who pretend they haven’t got the ‘clue’ - Consider any one of your male friends. You like him for some reason and you make some deliberate moves with your expert verbal connotations. Out comes the dumbest question on earth, "Did you just make a move at me?.....was it just a suggestion?.....Do you fantasize me?" I mean am sure such guys are entirely aware that you just made a move, and that you find him ‘your type of guy’ but they cant abstain themselves from posing like an innocent baby who's just toddled out of the mother's womb. Don’t they understand that they are expected NOT to make things so obvious?


Anonymous nishu said...

oooohh! ok! so any personal experiences with respect to the 2nd and the last traits? just curious(lol!)

7:12 AM  
Blogger Surya Ragunaathan said...

@ nishu - No Comments.

6:24 PM  
Blogger loveunlimited said...

every line of this post reminds me of my persoanl experiences too....and for the 4th category-i m in complete agreement with ur view!!!
personally there is one more trait which i hate(out of peronal exp.)
"non-responsive type of males" (i wil not elaborate, surya u know the reference to context - TG)

11:38 AM  

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