Monday, November 05, 2007

Predicting the Future

It’s been a slow kind of day - meaning I have work pending which I am not doing. Finally the long days and short nights of the past week are catching up. With a weekend of activity ahead with Diwali et al, I don’t see much respite till Monday.
So, as I sit on my seat with empty cups of Cappuccino beside me, I wonder - modern day people have become too mindless to think; they mostly just follow. Else, what once developed art form, now revered / ridiculed as forecasting tool has no new versions.

What am I talking about? Tealeaf reading of course! Something so innovative, new and so darned weird, has no modern day equivalents! I mean, reading the dregs of tea is definitely a European thing. Yet Tea itself is such an old concoction in Asia (China to be precise). It went to Europe only more than a century ago. People were imaginative enough then, to have Tea and wonder about one’s future depending upon the shape of the broken Tealeaves at the bottom of the cup.

Why then, has today’s wo/man left innovating? Why not something new about the way and shape of coffee rings left on the cup? What about the foam on the opposite wall of the empty cup? Wont someone please step up and analyse that and tell me my future?
Considering so many coffee drinkers around the world are interested in the occult, how is it that they don’t do a little bit of innovation and extrapolation to develop new techniques for today’s beverage - coffee? With the Internet and the 'world being small' and all that, I am sure they will have enough takers, if not earn a few pennies in the bargain.

Hmm...Perhaps this was left for me to create. I now know my true future (I read it from my 3 empty cups).
It is to drink coffee and predict the future on the basis of the foam marks on the cup!

Thus I shall foretell what the future holds for you. Only condition - it has to be Cappuccino with lots of foam.
Come to me! The initial 10 readings are free.


Blogger Abhinav said...

Tasseography/-mancy - that's what it is called. And it seems they have already been predicting using coffee grounds in Turkey and Romania. The foam thing is new ; ) Now only if you could sell it for the big bucks that these things get. : )

BTW I came across your blog through the Hafta mag and read the quiz thing there. Nice article that!!

5:48 AM  
Blogger Sanjeev PC.H said...

finally after a longtime! Nice to read! I don't know about Tasseography and all. But still you can predict someones future by the number of Cups he consumes everyday!!

Caffeine addiction n stuff like dat!! Medical Though.. write more!!

Read the Ghost thing in JAM. NICE!!

8:31 AM  
Blogger Surya Ragunaathan said...

@Abhinav - See, I told you. The idea IS unique ;) Thanks for reading me on Hafta :)

@Sanjeev - Can predict by the number of cups? really? Will sure keep writing now...You liked teh ghost thing, am glad...but didnt mention your name :( coz Rashmi said it may land you guys in trouble...hope you are not hurt by it.

7:20 PM  

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