Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Late lateef!

Yes, thats me. Late by chaar Hafta. Hafta opened on the 5th of June. Here I am posting about it now after its fourth issue is out. Anyways, better late than never I guess!

No, I shall not tell you what sort of a magazine it is, who are the other writers and what you must read (that, you must read me without fail :-), etc Coz' that's for you to find out.

Yours truly is part of the Metropolis team in the Hafta mag. This is a call to all bloggers, non-bloggers and will-be-soon-bloggers. If you have something to say about Mumbai city, your musings and meanderings, about locales and local trains, Monsoon, Marine drive or market (mayhem!), Shanghai or slum-bai, awe-inspiring or appalling features, your feelings, fantasies and frustrations........just anything at all of this grand city mail me at surya[at]haftamag[dot]com.
If 'Call of the mystic' is not enough, here's our clarion call. Now there, dont be late!!


Anonymous Vineet said...

Khalbali hai khalbali....
Khalbali hai khalbali....
khalbali hai khalbali....
hai khalbaliiiiii....

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11:43 PM  
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