Sunday, May 20, 2007

Not exactly a Review

An anthology film or portmanteau – French (multiple stories culminating to one climax) is Life in a Metro. The movie out shows an air of dryness and dullness because of flawed story writing. The story gives an appearance of insipidness. The result of few relationships seems hasty and floundering. Fuh-get-it! I don’t even think there’s a story at the first place.

Shilpa Shetty gives a decent performance and Kay Kay Menon plays to perfection the-guy-you-would-love-to-hate. Dharmendra-Nafisa Ali track seemed very forced and contrived, especially because of the shabby treatment their dialogues were given. Irrfan Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma playing comic relief is refreshing! They keep the mood light whenever the other characters start taking themselves too seriously, giving the required impetus whenever the pace begins to slacken. Don’t even want to discuss Kangana and Sharman. I seriously think they need ‘acting treatment’(whatever that means…)

The appearance of the Metro band from nowhere at constant interval is annoying and are forced doldrums. Pritam is pathetic! All the songs sound like they have been composed by a wannabe Rock band which would have been tolerable but for the picturization. In an attempt to avoid lip-synching they go completely overboard. Three men - none of whom have seen a comb or a razor in their lives, but know a lot about greasing curly locks - coming at me like objects do in a 3-D show, in every single song. I almost thought they practically reside in those streets of Mumbai. A very contemporary begger’s band, I guess! Not done! Even in the name of fashion.

Cumbersome climax
I think the writer got pretty much bored at the end of it all. Just wanted to finish it off some way or the other. Overall a pointless film. Like this friend of mine quipped, “ye movie kyun banayaa??”

What was it that Shikha (Shilpa Shetty) threw in a box on the road? Was it a letter in a mail box? If it was, why was it not in an envelope? And anyways, if they were not going to bother telling us what it was, why show it in the first place?

Amol (Dharmendra) crosses railway tracks by jumping platforms. When he climbs onto the other platform, he does so like he is climbing a 6-inch step! A 60 year-old climbing a platform without support of his hands, when he needed support to jump down?

Why is Shikha (Shilpa Shetty), the wife of a senior officer at a BPO, commuting by bus?

Amol tells Shivani (Nafisa Ali) that he is terminally ill. And before asking what was wrong with him, she asks him how long he has to live. Is that really the natural flow of questions?

Was the Ranjeet-Neha (Kay Kay & Kangana) relationship a year old or two years? At one place they mention one year and at another two.

Was there a specific reason why Amol wrote his diary in Urdu?